Indigo: Ushering in a New Wave of Agriculture Technology

Top 15 AgTech Startups - 2018

The emergence of new technologies has brought forth a wave of disruption that has paralleled the agricultural value chain, induced by altered land usage, sustainability, increased land turnover and changing customer preference. But the major question still remains— how to come up with new ways to revolutionize agriculture technology for good? Coincidentally the agriculture technology—or simply called AgTech— landscape has evolved from niche opportunities to legitimate technology assets with investment allocations. With the maturing of AgTech investment, the market is witnessing an increased appetite for artificial intelligence platforms to make a leap from precision to “predictive” agriculture. As key products in seed and chemistry have changed with disruptive technology, so has the wave of consolidation for innovation and cost efficiency. To establish AgTech excellence, the focus is on novel chemistries, adoption of biotechnology, imaging technologies, smart robots, and other emerging technologies to shape the investment in this space.

A connected farm is a key to the future. With the explosion of interest in the internet and accurate sensors, the agriculture industry could definitely use a good boost of data accumulation. But then again, there is no point in accumulating large amounts of data when we are unable to make sense of it. That is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning come in. By spotting underlying patterns and an enhanced processing power, this superior technology allows for accurate modeling and simulations to effectively test and study agricultural practices in a virtual environment before its actual implementation.

Choosing the apt startup partner is a needle in a haystack for CIOs worldwide. Eliminating the malady, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, and agriculture analysts has narrowed down on the AgTech startups that exhibit competence in delivering innovation in agriculture technology.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising AgTech Startups - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Indigo Harnesses the advancements in microbiology and help farmers sustainably grow crops
AEssenseGrows Reinventing aeroponics through plant growth software and platforms delivering pure, yearround, enriched yields
AGBRIDGE A revolutionary mobile app that enables simple and affordable transfer of precision agriculture data between Ag Controllers operating in the field and the computers of Growers and their trusted advisers
AgShift Re-imagining visual inspections and quality assessments with deep learning to reduce global food waste
Arable Enables data-driven decisions in agriculture and natural resource management using Measurements that Matter
Ceres Imaging A VC funded startup whose technology incorporates aerial imagery and spectral image processing to monitor important crop variables including plant nutrient and water content, the presence of diseases/parasites/weeds, and crop yields
Cultiva Focused on providing safe, natural and innovative crop protection solutions for the world’s agricultural markets
Evogene A leading biotechnology company developing novel products for major life science markets through the use of a unique predictive biology platform incorporating deep scientific understandings and advanced computational technologies
Grower's Secret Providing innovative organic solutions for farmers to increase yields and profit while remaining good for the earth
Harvesting Helps financial institutions better understand agriculture communities and risks associated in lending farmers by leveraging advancements in remote sensing satellites and machine learning
Kakaxi Kakaxi is known for its finesse in delivering holistic smart farm monitoring solutions
Panacea.Ag Implements the latest technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and predictive analytics to create efficient and sustainable local food ecosystems
S4 The company derisks crop production
Smart Ag Enables farmers to perfect their operation of farm equipment; it all starts by unlocking the potential of farmer not the acre, not the seed, and not the plant
WaterBit Enables control of local irrigation taking into account growth stage, soil conditions and weather at a level of granularity and accuracy that is not possible with current methods