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Top 15 AgTech Startups - 2020

The agricultural industry has undergone a tectonic shift in last decade owing to the rampant adoption of technologies. The use of temperature and moisture sensors, robots, drones, and GPS technology is resulting in increased crop yield, improved worker safety, and reduced impact on natural ecosystem. These technologies are also playing a key role in improving food security and preserving nutritional value of the newly produced food. As a result, farmers are becoming more reliant on technology to extract vital information about their farms, the weather, and much more.

As the agricultural sector contributes to the rural economy of any nation, its modernization will lead to an increase in employment and prosperity. With agricultural transformation, traditional methods will no longer be enough as new organized techniques will replace them, enabling better output. The improved techniques for planting and growing crops will help farmers manage cost and work with high efficiency.

Besides, the technological advancements are addressing issues such as labor shortage, supply chain gaps, data shortage, and spoilage of farm products. Agtech startups are using artificial intelligence to provide solutions to address the evolving operational challenges. The introduction of farm automation is aimed at democratizing advanced capabilities in the form of autonomous tractors, robotic harvesters, automatic watering, and seeding robots. Thus, farm automation unburdens farmers by eliminating the need to spend resources on mundane tasks in the agriculture industry.

As more farmers, regulatory agencies, and local governments accelerate their adoption of new-age technologies, the agriculture industry is moving toward precision agriculture, where farmers can control every variable of crop farming such as moisture level, pest stress, soil stress and more. Such changes will increase the yield, encouraging farmers to take more challenging initiatives with confidence.

In this edition of StartupCity, we introduce 15 promising startups that are making waves in the AgTech space. We hope you will be able to find the right AgTech partner from the companies mentioned in the list.

We bring to you StartupCity’s 15 Most Promising AgTech Startups – 2020.

Top 15 AgTech Startups - 2020

    Top AgTech Startups - 2020

  • Agrograph is a global platform for field-scale predictive modeling that delivers accurate and timely information on crop yields, land suitability, risk management and other agricultural production information. It creates data solutions for the industries that all farmers depend on and provides platform that combines machine learning with satellite imagery to generate millions of acres worth of global field-level predictions that can be leveraged to solve many modern day agronomic problems


  • A satellite data company delivering its in-house software and extensive databases to provide agricultural companies with necessary thermal data. It empowers them with more accessible and actionable analytics to effectuate better precision farming at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, alongside the global agriculture marketplace, Hydrosat also closely works with the U.S. Government and the European Space Agency to develop and materialize its vision of precision farming. Additionally, by leveraging the predictive capabilities of Hydrosat’s software, farmers and agricultural researchers can predict crop production against plant stress


  • Pollen Systems is a Bellevue, WA based firm founded to aid farms in the collection and interpretation of real-time data using state-of-the-art technologies and provide them with actionable insights that will significantly improve the quality and quantity of their cashcrops


  • The team at Scynce has developed a new breed of indoor and greenhouse lighting that is challenging the status quo. Their focus is on better yields instead of only on power savings. Scynce has spent over 3 years under heavy R&D developing and securing patents around multiple optical lens solutions, smart power and wireless digital spectrum tunability. Officially launched to market in 2018 and led by a team who previously disrupted a related LED market segment, Scynce is uniquely positioned to become the commercial grow light leader over the next 5 years


  • SymSoil is a soil health company with products and services to improve the profitability of all farmers. Their products are based on a deep understanding of soil science, especially the complete soil microbe biome, and how to improve soil health and solve problems. SymSoil offers a variety of products to help biological farmers – including lab test, soil conditioners, robust compost, fungal infused biochar and additional products to solve specific farming challenges


  • VividGro is an AgTech company and spin-off of Lighting Science— LSG is a global leader with over 400 registered patents that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent LED lighting solutions products for consumer and commercial applications. VividGro was established in 2013 to help meet the needs of the global food economy with advanced indoor agriculture technology. They develop technology-based products that empower growers to create a more efficient growing environment. VividGro uses scientific approaches to reach further into agricultural science and lead a revolution in creating efficient indoor growing facilities


  • AEssenseGrows


    AEssenseGrows is a high-tech developer and manufacturer of innovative products and solutions dedicated to helping small and large scale indoor commercial growers of all plant varieties year-round, with zero pesticides and high yields (medical, vegetables, flowers and produce). At AEssenseGrows, they take pride in the reliability and ruggedness of their products. What separates good from great is the attention to detail, and they are 100% committed to bringing people the greatest results. Each module, growth system, and software package is tested with the most stringent quality assurance before being used by people

  • Agrify


    Agrify is a developer of premium indoor grow solutions for the cannabis and hemp marketplace. Agrify's comprehensive grow solutions have been developed with the mission to assist horticulturalists in producing the highest quality crop possible with consistency and superior yields. With Agrify, customers can automate their cannabis grow environment, streamline production schedule, and monitor their facility 24/7 through the Command and Control software, all integrated with high-performance grow lights, racks, and integrated solutions

  • AgShift


    AgShift solution blends Deep Learning with Computer Vision to autonomously inspect produce and other commodities for defects. It does quality assessments and makes judgements as per USDA specifications or organizations' own specifications. The patented deep learning models analyze the defects in the sample images and predict the overall quality of the sample. The platform relies on curated, extensive real-world image data sets to teach our software to analyze defects with high consistency and accuracy - every time. The solution augments manual inspections - providing objective, consistent and standardized quality interpretation across the supply chain - every single time

  • Farmobile


    Farmobile LLC is an independent Farm Data Company whichbuilds foundational technology for the future of agriculture. They enable farmers and channel partners to collect, share and monetize data. Agriculture doesn't use a standard data format; Farmobile does. They specialize in collecting second-by-second agronomic and machine data points across mixed fleets. The Farmobile DataEngineSM platform turns raw data into our standardized, visual Electronic Field Records (EFRs) making it easy to gain insights, share with trusted advisors and power decision-making. The Farmobile DataStoreSM is the first digital exchange to connect farmers with data buyers

  • GrowFlow


    GrowFlow is a customer-driven, B2B SaaS platform providing compliance, inventory management, point of sale, analytics, and sales tools for cannabis and hemp businesses at various points in the supply chain. The company helps cannabis business owners by providing them seamless integration with their State reporting system such is METRC, BioTrack, or MJ Freeway's LEAF Data. GrowFlow helps operation in ways that no other software can, offering a complete compliance solution from seed to consumer

  • Growgenics


    Growgenics is re-shaping the horticultural lighting industry with its innovative and customizable LED lighting technology that provides the rapidly growing markets of indoor cannabis and indoor vertical food farming the ability to maximize plant growth while reducing heat and energy by 50%. The company's powerful patent-pending technology is efficient, easy to use, and cost effective. Addtionally, Growgenics provides the Master Grower with cannabis-centric design features. Growgenics' advanced LED grow lights can produce equal or greater yield using 50% less energy and generating 50% less heat than traditional grow lights. The Shape Lighting Tech directs all photonic energy directly to plant canopies while Tunable Light Spectrum tech specifies the exact frequencies of light needed for maximum yield

  • Indigo


    Indigo harnesses nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. Indigo focuses on the microbes that have evolved in conjunction with plants over billions of years to optimize their health and maximize their productivity. Indigo believes we are on the forefront of something that serves the needs of both farmers and consumers. For farmers, the yield benefits will help improve grower profitability while increasing our capacity to feed a growing population. For consumers, Indigo can begin to make fundamental changes in how our food is grown; like being more efficient with water, and reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides over time

  • NewLeaf Symbiotics

    NewLeaf Symbiotics

    Decades ago, scientists discovered that some of the most abundant microbes in nature — M-trophs — are also among the most beneficial. NewLeaf Symbiotics discovers and learns how M-trophs naturally colonize and live with plants. They use their proprietary platform, called the Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledge base to identify M-trophs that are especially important for strengthening plants, increasing root mass, improving plant growth and enhancing nutrient uptake for higher yield and better crop quality. NewLeaf aims to make agriculture better by working together to provide real, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of a growing population

  • S4


    S4 is a technology service company that provides risk management solutions to ensure food production. It also develops index-based coverage to transfer the agriculture industry's volatilities to the financial markets, through OTC-derivatives contracts. The company offers products and services are used by a broad range of customers including large growers, crop protection and seeds suppliers, crop insurance providers, banking, and commodity exchanges. S4 integrates the harvest information with a planting plan, seed density, and soil analysis. They had developed a decision-making geo-referenced platform for the agricultural producer. They seek to improve the decision-making process in complex environments to collaborate in the global challenge of generating quality food for humanity