automed: Automating Medication for Livestock

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David Edward, CEO, AutomedDavid Edward, CEO
There are a wide range of manual livestock syringes developed to administer medication to livestock. However, it is essential to use the correct dosage to ensure efficacy and safety for the animal, as well as recording animal treatment data. To mitigate such challenges, automed brings to the table the automed system that simplifies the entire process of medicating livestock. “Our automed system offers a solution to various livestock industries to fully comply with medication data and traceability, and simplifies the livestock medication process,” says David Edwards, Founder and CEO of automed.

The concept of automed began from Edwards’ experience working in the sheep industry, where multiple sheep are medicated at one time depending on the average group weight or the highest group weight. The automed concept would enable livestock producers to administer medication to individual livestock based on individual weight. Throughout the development of automed as a weight-based dosing system, it included little data recording to ensure the livestock producer was aware of which animals had been dosed, the amount, and a record of the animal’s weight. Throughout trials, it was discovered that there was value in automatic data recording. This made the team change focus primarily on the product and head down the entire compliance and traceability system and expanded the ability to capture data as they automatically deliver the medication.

Our automed device offers a solution to various livestock industries to fully comply with compliance and traceability needs and requirements

This enabled automed to become the first ever automatic medication delivery system with data recording.

With trail and tested successfully completed in 2015, automed carried out a production setup of 100 units for commercial release. The system provides a solution to various livestock industries such as pork, beef, dairy, and poultry with a unique value proposition for each industry.

The automed system is enabled to calculate, deliver and record livestock medication treatments. The automed device features an ergonomic design that is light-weight and easy to use. The system can be customized with the automed range of adapters. The adapters allow medication to be delivered through injection, drench, pour-on, and intranasal.

The automed system includes two packages; automed Essentials and automed Enterprise. Essentials is the base package that includes access to the automed app, available on Android and iOS, and the functionality to administer fixed- and weight-based dosing. The Enterprise package includes the web portal and all data capture and inventory management features. David states, “The enormous inventory data from several sites allow large operators to monitor all sites simultaneously. In addition, operators are notified with a message if the medication is below the cut-off medication when the animal reaches a certain age, resulting in withholding periods.”

The automed app connects to existing livestock management tools such as scale heads and RFID readers. This enables the app to automatically calculate accurate weight-based dosing as well as automatically record each animal’s electronic identification tag. The app sends data to the device, and each individual animal is assured a full treatment record once administered.

automed is currently focusing on launching its software development kit to enable third-party software systems to integrate the hardware directly into their system. The company is also looking forward to engaging in various partnerships and increasing its distribution in several regions globally.