ILUMINAR Lighting: One-Stop-Shop for Indoor Horticulture Lighting

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Eric Kerker, Chief operating Officer, ILUMINAR LightingEric Kerker, Chief operating Officer
Indoor farming has become the new viable method for sustainable food production. Bypassing environmental challenges, indoor farming ensures the growth of seasonal crops all year round. However, what still remains a challenge for many growers is the proper selection of lighting as each lamp has a unique wavelength, spectrum and intensity that can impact the plants’ growth.

ILUMINAR Lighting—run by a veteran group of lighting specialists with a collective experience of more than 20 years— understands the diverse needs of indoor gardeners and brings to the table a wide array of lighting products at a moderate price. With solutions ranging from HPS to LED, the company’s products cater to both home growers and large commercial facilities. “We have induced a dynamic change in indoor horticulture, especially in the cannabis industry with the broadest selection of lighting,” says Eric Kerker, COO at ILUMINAR Lighting.

The company’s experienced team understands that every situation is not the same, and every lighting solution has its own advantages. “We don’t like to indulge in false marketing games by pushing one specific product forward,” says Kerker, referring to ILUMINAR’s ability to create tailor-made solutions using a combination of fixtures based on each client’s unique needs.

We have induced a dynamic change in indoor horticulture, especially in the cannabis industry with the broadest selection of lighting

For example, Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting is effective in the vegetative state of plants due to the volume of the spectrum it provides. “So, CMH has its own advantages sometimes over an LED,” mentions Kerker. The CMH product line consists of: 630W dual-lamp, 630W double-ended (DE) lamp, the 315W single-ended fixture, and the newest addition: the 1000W DE. “On the other hand, LED can work in numerous environments. Today, if a grower isn’t using LED, he/she is three years behind the game,” Kerker mentions. Also, using considerably less wattage, LEDs promise a feasible way forward. ILUMINAR’s iLand iLxSeries LEDs offer a full-spectrum array for indoor horticulture and ensure the highest μmol performance perfect for low clearance areas. Notably, the company also offers high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) and T5 lighting options.

Such a diverse range of products and a transparent go-to-market stance has helped ILUMINAR Lighting attain a large number of clients. In one instance, before signing on with ILUMINAR, Palomar Craft Cannabis—a California-based cannabis cultivator—had issues with the quality and longevity of the lamps they were using. Impressed with the comprehensive sales and support from ILUMINAR Lighting, Palomar Craft Cannabis decided to discontinue their partnership with other providers and move forward with ILUMINAR.

Motivated by the unrivalled success of their clients, ILUMINAR Lighting is planning to reveal a prototype LED production Q4 of 2019. Kerker mentions that the product will be relevant for the varied demands and growing styles of clients. ILUMINAR Lighting is working to boost the luminous efficacy of their LED line to make them even more robust. Currently, ILUMINAR is exploring the immense potential of plasma lighting. “With a massive amount of full-spectrum light, plasma lighting can help plant growth during several stages,” says Kerker. The company plans to roll out innovative and cutting-edge plasma products for its clients in the near future. “The potential of plasma lighting has not yet been fully explored, but it has the capability to outweigh its competitors. We plan to be pioneers in the field,” concludes Kerker.
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Eric Kerker, Chief operating Officer

ILUMINAR Lighting is a leading provider of quality indoor growing products. ILUMINAR Lighting development team has over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. ILUMINAR Lighting is now venturing further to become a complete sourcing agency now, sourcing products outside their current industry. ILUMINAR Lighting offers solutions in manufacturing, design, engineering, wholesale, logistics, product marketing, product rollout, and logistical transport. Applying the industry-tested quality control processing, manufacturing processes, and quick logistically planning for delivery to new requested products, ILUMINAR Lighting is able to source almost any product you can imagine