Scynce LED: Innovative Light Distribution and Tunable Spectrum for Improved Yield

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Brent Perkins, COO/President, Scynce LEDBrent Perkins, COO/President
While industry acceptance of and transition to LED lights is well underway, traditional LED lights have simply failed to mimic the sun. Especially in the indoor horticulture environment, they fall short of penetrating the entire canopy as they create hotspots erratically. The uneven light distribution not only results in reduced yields but can also causes bleaching and burning. Smart LED manufacturing company, Scynce, is taking a different approach with its solutions that focus on light distribution and high yield. Based out of Arizona, Scynce offers advanced LED lights that penetrate deep into the canopy with an even intensity across the growth surface to improve productivity. When stacked together and put in a grid pattern in a spacious room, Scynce’s light beams are projected at angles that overall simulate the sun, penetrate further, and ensure more energy reaches the plants, from roots to canopy. Those beams of light cross each other and reach deep into the canopy in a structured geometrical triangular pattern. Having earned several patents for innovative optics and its delivery mechanism, the company’s app-based LED platform has impressed commercial growers in various regions including North America, South Africa, and Europe.

Considering that plants require selective spectrum at different stages of their growth, Scynce’s LED lights give the user control of up to four diverse spectra, between 400nm and 720nm. “We are one of the few companies that provides complete control over the spectrum and corresponding recipes,” reveals Brent Perkins, COO of Scynce.

We are one of the few companies that provides complete control over the spectrum and corresponding recipes

Scynce’s lights operate wirelessly, and they are driven by two radio communication networks: a Bluetooth radio and a Google thread mesh radio. An operator can connect her/his phone or tablet to the lights using the Bluetooth radio. Subsequently, the lights operate under the Google thread mesh, an IoT technology. The light that receives the command first in the group functions as the master and triggers all the other lights in the thread mesh network to calibrate automatically based on the pre-configured spectrum and schedule. “Instead of depending on Wi-Fi or high bandwidth, the lights use onboard memory to store all the commands to synchronize, so all lights perform in a symphony, without requiring constant network updates for the ultimate reliability,” explains Perkins.

In a cultivation setting, fixtures require regular cleaning for better plant growth. But during events like fire suppression, the sprinkler system goes off and often damages the lights. Scynce’s fixtures stand out in the crowd because they are fully waterproof; withstanding power washing and greenhouse leaks with ease.

Scynce’s collaboration with Arizona Natural Selections stands as a testimony to their success. The premier medical marijuana dispensary converted almost their entire veg room to Scynce’s LEDs, while successfully saving 50 percent of their energy consumption. Moreover, Scynce could reduce their vegetative time by one to two weeks. Scynce has also collaborated with Oaksterdam University, becoming their premier lighting partner.

Scynce has five offerings currently, out of which, three are for the commercial growers and two for home growers. One commercial light, Raging Kale is designed for vertical vegetation. This light consumes half the power of regular lights but delivers twice the amount of light. The company also offers Raging Kush, a flowering light designed specifically for flowering in vertical farming and are tailored to the needs of large horticulture operations. The company simply lowers the barrier to entry to adopting LED technologies by offering a five-year warranty and an enhanced customer experience. With zero maintenance costs and support from on-staff seasoned growers, Scynce emerges as the perfect innovation partner to usher in the LED revolution.