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David Friedman, CEO, VividGroDavid Friedman, CEO
The Global market for indoor farming is experiencing rapid growth owing to the limited land use, water efficiency, and the benefits of controlled farming. However, in the current business scenario, the capital expenses to build an indoor farm are skyrocketing. Besides, for those who already have built indoor farms, managing them without an advanced technology has been a tough row to hoe. This is because a majority of the technology today is in its early testing phase, which not only restricts farmers from customizing their farms but also hampers their ROI. As farmers look to modernize their farms by creating a synergy between farming and technology, a reliable and professional partner that can guide them through the trivia of indoor farming in a more clear, concise and efficient way to meet the future needs becomes very crucial.

Enter VividGro.

A spinoff of the Lighting Science Group Corporation, VividGro is at the forefront of providing diverse technologies and unparalleled knowledge on indoor farming to maximize crop yields and optimize a scalable growing operation. “Our ultimate objective is to improve the technology side of indoor agriculture to enhance growers’ profitability by lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, yields, and decreasing cycle times,” begins David Friedman, CEO of VividGro. To facilitate this goal, VividGro offers extensive intelligence products and advisory services known as GroNet and GroAdvisor.

Our ability to tie the entire process of indoor farming through both hardware and software and also map all our clients to the highest degree of success makes us second to none

GroAdvisor is a high-touch advisory service, where the company leverages their pool of indoor farming experts to deliver solutions to complex challenges that farmers face daily. VividGro has the efficacy to optimize every aspect of the design and engineering of indoor farming, giving them a competitive edge. VividGro’s talented architects and engineers invest a significant amount of time in analyzing the customer’s environment, understand their pain points and objectives, and subsequently craft solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

Through their GroNet, a smart farming system, VividGro automates and connects the complete indoor farming environment to enhance productivity and ROI. This low-cost end-to-end platform incorporates features that include sensing, monitoring, alerting, and automation (SMAA), providing farmers with everything they need to run an optimal operation. With all the gathered data points from the sensor, organizations can analyze the information and make sense of beneficial or detrimental outcomes to optimize the farm’s performance.

GroNet is designed in a way that allows it to be used at any place and time using a smart-phone to manage the indoor farm. This smart farming system is available commercially as a mobile app-based and web-based product, allowing the customers to access all the high-level functionalities from the app on the phone as well as detailed information on the web-based dashboard. With this platform, farmers can monitor everything from temperature, humidity, light exposure, pathogens to nutrient levels, and more.

For instance, one of its clients in Puerto Rico, before working with VividGro, relied exclusively on electricity-consuming lighting systems to manage the farm. With the help of VividGro’s smart products, the company will not have to buy as much lighting equipment as before and could reduce their capital costs and operating expenses by 20-25 percent, as it will automate their resources in a way that it will optimize the energy costs.

“Our ability to tie the entire process of indoor farming through both hardware and software and also map all our clients to the highest degree of success makes us second to none,” says David. He believes that they have a very aggressive buy and build mentality where they are continually looking at acquiring or merging with other companies and simultaneously evaluating new technologies to keep building new products that fit the specific needs of indoor farming.
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David Friedman, CEO

VividGro is an AgTech company and spin-off of Lighting Science— LSG is a global leader with over 400 registered patents that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent LED lighting solutions products for consumer and commercial applications. VividGro was established in 2013 to help meet the needs of the global food economy with advanced indoor agriculture technology. They develop technology-based products that empower growers to create a more efficient growing environment. VividGro uses scientific approaches to reach further into agricultural science and lead a revolution in creating efficient indoor growing facilities